Cast & Crew

Coming Together

The Elementus Web Series Network wouldn’t be the same without the hard work and execution of our talented cast and crew. Our team includes some of the industry’s best and brightest; people who are striving to find new ways to tell a story and challenge their abilities. Take a look at their bios below.


Shawn Walton

Director, writer, and creator

Shawn Walton started out in film when he was in High school, the passion for film and creating has grown. He wanted a world where he could create and with other creators, He would create a streaming service that would allow him and other creates to create and showcase they're work.


Rita Sylvester 

Co-director, Assistant Director, and Makeup artist

As a Makeup artist, first Rita Sylvester brings all of the create ideas of The Elemntus Web Series Network to life. She too has a talent for creative directing and directing. With her help The Elementus Web Series will have its creative vision brought to the screen.

The cast and crew

Elementusgods - Behind the Scenes

Get Ready

Elementusgods is a culmination of compelling storytelling, excellent cinematography, and fantastic editing. With a stellar cast and award-winning crew, this upcoming release is bound to be a hit. Browse our site for trailers, exclusive videos, and information about where and when Elementusgods will be playing near you.

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